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If you're not sure where to go from here... Dressing a micro preemie in the NICU can be a huge challenge. This video offers some wonderful solutions for getting around all the tubes and wires and still helping your baby feel safe, warm, and loved.

NICU-Friendly Clothing

Nicu-friendly Clothing

What if your preemie is tethered to a web of tubes and wires - Heated incubators in the NICU preempt the need for the warmth-maintaining feature of clothing. Even so, the positive emotional benefit of NICU-friendly clothing can not be underestimated – for baby, parents, and staff.

Nicu-Friendly Preemie Clothes

Nicu-friendly Preemie Clothes

Nicu-Friendly Preemie Clothes - As long as your preemie is connected to tubes and/or wires, you'll want to have clothes that are specially designed to accommodate them. We have a complete selection to meet those special needs. If your preemie weight more than 3 pounds, you'll want to order the "preemie" size.

A Sampling of Our Most Popular Nicu Clothes

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