Preemie-Yums White NICU Wrap Gown

Long-sleeved NICU gown is designed to afford your baby a simple and innovative outfit for use with heated isolettes. Wrap front with Velcro®closures allows for quick changes; open side design offers hassle-free access to cardiac leads, IVs, and monitors; and silky soft knits cuddle your baby's sensitive skin. Made in USA

Micro Preemie (1-3 lbs)



    Product Details

  • Micropreemie (1-3)
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Closure: Velcro
  • Garment: NICU-Friendly
  • Total Length: 12 inches
  • Sleeve Length: 4 inches
  • Girth: 11 inches
  • Made in USA
  • Suggested Retail: $20