Preemies needs clothes too!

NICU preemies need NICU-friendly preemie clothes...

Little Me Little Me Preemie Sleepers

Preemie Sleepers

Retail $16.00

SALE $7.95

These preemie sleep and play coveralls are quite possibly our most popular items. They're well made, inexpensive, made with 100% cotton fabric and awesomely cute.

Vitamins Baby Vitamins Baby Preemie Sleeping Gowns

Preemie Gowns

Retail $27.50

SALE $12.95

Vitamin's Baby is known for their quality construction and provide superior comfort and durability. These preemie gowns are made from super soft 100% cotton fabrics, deliver warmth, breath-ability, and are perfect for delicate preemie skin. Many come with matching accessories.

This Week's Top 4 Sellers

Little Me  Sleeper #LME1291
Made from 100% cotton

Little Me Froggy Friends Sleeper (for 4-6 lbs)



Preemie Yums  Booties #PYM116WH1
Made from 100% cotton

Preemie Yums White Booties (for 4-6 lbs)



Preemie Yums  Knotted Cap #PYM111WH1
Made from 100% cotton

Preemie Yums White Knotted Cap (for 4-6 lbs)



Preemie Yums  Legging Pants #PYM155WH1

Preemie Yums White Legging Pants (for 4-6 lbs)



Helping your preemie baby thrive...

We have watched our own preemie grandchildren struggle to survive. A flood of helpless feelings can threaten to drown those caught in this stressful situation! Perhaps you and other family members are in the heat of that battle for your child right now. If you are, we trust that you and others are pleading for God’s strength and wisdom.

There are some important hands on things you can do...

Clothing a struggling preemie has been shown to influence the atmosphere around him or her with love, hope, and faith. It also provides essential physical contact and stimulation. These all work together to help the baby thrive.

Preemie Clothes Mart works to make buying preemie clothes as easy, as stress-free, and as inexpensive as possible. Whether you need micro preemie clothes that are NICU friendly or you're about to take your precious little one(s) home, there are clothes that have been specially designed for the unique needs of each step along the way.

You can have your order shipped to your home, or the hospital, to a Ronald McDonald House or any other place where you may be staying. Most orders are shipped within 4 business hours.

If we can make the process even easier for you, please let us know.

  • The NICU preemie

    What if your preemie is tethered to a web of tubes and wires?

    Heated incubators in the NICU preempt the need for the warmth-maintaining feature of clothing. Even so, the positive emotional benefit of NICU-friendly clothing can not be underestimated – for baby, parents, and staff. Here's a short list of things you'll want to consider... [More]

  • The maturing preemie

    How do clothing considerations change as intensive care needs diminish?

    Fewer machine connections usually mean that your baby's care needs are less intensive. Clothing requirements are changing, too. Enjoy more cuddle time AND the opportunity to mark the progress with more traditional baby apparel. It's time to rejoice but the clothes you select still need to be preemie and hospital appropriate... [More]

  • The take me home preemie

    Hooray! We're headed home.

    The ability of doctors and nurses to guide a preemie through the NICU experience is amazing and now, finally, you get to take your little one home. Even so, he or she will likely be smaller and thinner than a typical newborn so you’ll need to keep the 0-3 month clothes in the closet for a few weeks. A beautiful selection of appropriately-sized rompers, pant sets, outerwear, and more is just... [More]

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"The website was very easy to navigate. The quality of the merchandise was exceptional, and the speed of delivery was great. I will definately be going to your website again. Thank you."

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"I am very pleased with my order. The quality of the clothes are very good. Thank you for the quick shipment. I will do business with you again."

3.5 star rating Kingwood, TX

"I was very satisfied with my order. It was so exciting to see clothing that fit my micro-preemie son. The NICU safe gowns are very convenient for the the nurses & don't interfere with access to his leads. The informational email notifying me of when my items were shipped and an estimated receiving date was very helpful. I especially liked the low cost shipping fee. I will definitely use this website again."

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