Kushies Baby Motorcycle Footie Preemie (3-5 lbs)

sku#: KSB200CH1


Cool Motorcycle Sleeper Boasts Natural Comfort

Soft long-sleeved organic cotton sleeper offers an excellent product ideal for baby's sensitive skin. Features charcoal and red motorcycle print, side zipper with snap tab closure, and "grow" cuffs for adjustable fit. Imported

    Product Details

  • Preemie (3-5)
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Total Length: 18''
  • Leg Length: 6''
  • Sleeve Length: 6.5''
  • Girth: 15
  • Imported
  • NICU Friendly
  • Suggested Retail: $36.25

Other Sizes

Small-Newborn 6-8 lbs

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