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Sleeping Gowns

Vitamins Baby  Stretch Knit Gown Set #VTB1351

Vitamins Baby Chugging Train Stretch Knit Gown Set (for 4-6 lbs.)

Sale: $14.95
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Preemie Yums  Christening Gown #PYM1241

Preemie Yums Bella Christening Gown (for 4-6 lbs.)

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Sleeping gowns: a top choice for comfort, warmth, and stealth diaper changes on a sleeping preemie

Many of our moms prefer sleeping gowns as baby's primary sleepwear. They're comfortable, easy to put on, and easy to pull up for a diaper change in the middle of the night. Choose from a large selection of stretch knit gowns, gown sets (they come with a matching cap), and converter gowns. Depending on how you snap the bottom up, converter gowns can function as either a sleeping gown or a non-footed sleeper.

All of our gowns are made from 100% cotton, some of them use super-soft pima cotton.

Footies & Rompers

Rumble Tumble  Sleeper Set #RMT1081

Rumble Tumble Puppy Dog Sleeper Set (for 5-7 lbs.)

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Magnolia Baby  Sleeper Set #MBB1041

Magnolia Baby Sleeper Set (for 4-7 lbs.)

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Could your baby be any more adorable? No way! So show off your preemie in one of our...

Footies or rompers. We have a wide selection of themes and colors with playful designs that provide positive emotional stimulation for baby and care-givers alike.

If your baby likes to kick off blankets and somehow manages to expose feet and legs from under a sleeping gown then footie and romper coveralls offer a perfect solution. Keep those arms, legs, and tiny toes cozy with one of our footie sleepers. We also have a nice selection of socks and booties if you prefer one of our footless rompers.

Note: coveralls function best for preemies who have graduated from monitors and a heated incubator.


Daydreamers  Stretch Knit Bodyshirt #DDR102BL1

Daydreamers Blue Stretch Knit Bodyshirt (for 3-7 lbs.)

Sale: $2.95
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My Baby  Pima Cotton Bodyshirt #MBA1841

My Baby Bubble Boxes Print Pima Cotton Bodyshirt (for 3-7 lbs.)

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Bodysuits and T-shirts especially designed for the size, shape, and needs of an NICU preemie

Whether you call it a Onesie® (Carters trademark), a preemie diaper shirt, a creeper, bodysuit, or body shirt they're still one of the most functional baby garments ever. And we have over 70 bodysuits that have been specifically designed for preemie babies. Whether you use these tops as a stand alone garment, combine them with a pair of pants, or layer them under a dress, romper, sleeper, or gown, you'll need plenty on hand.

Kimono style T-shirts are also a basic item that functions well in the NICU because you don't have to pull them over baby's head — especially important if the medical staff has your preemie on oxygen.


Preemie Yums  Diaper Cover #PYM102BL1

Preemie Yums Baby Blue Diaper Cover (for 4-6 lbs.)

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Katie Rose  Formal Pants Set #KRS1041

Katie Rose Pink Flurry Formal Pants Set (for 5-7 lbs.)

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Complete that bodysuit or T-shirt with coordinating shorts or pants or better yet...

Check out a full array of practical to formal pants sets. They're soft, warm, comfy and they can make your tiny preemie look like he or she is ready to take on the world! You'll find over 100 sets and 10+ brands so it's nearly guaranteed you'll find the perfect outfit. Most all these items are made from 100% cotton and many are 100% pima cotton.

By the way, we'd love for you to post a picture of your stylin' baby to our Facebook page.


Preemie Yums  Stretch Knit Surplice Dress #PYM146CHERR1
100% cotton fabric

Preemie Yums Cherry Berry Stretch Knit Surplice Dress (for 4-6 lbs.)

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Katie Rose  Formal Dress #KRS112PK1

Katie Rose Megan Formal Dress (for 5-7 lbs.)

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Yes, they really make dresses for preemies — and they're adorable!

Feast your eyes on a polychromatic collection of dresses from kimono-style swing dresses that are NICU-friendly to formal dresses that are perfect for special religious occasions, pictures, or for reborn dolls.

All these dresses look so precious on a preemie that we would love to see your baby (or reborn doll) model them for us. So please feel free to upload a photo on our Facebook page.


Paty Inc  Pointelle Knit Cardigan #PAT104PK1

Paty Inc Girl's Pointelle Knit Cardigan (for 3-7 lbs.)

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bbmio  Pima Cotton Jacket #BBM1581

Bbmio Flower Dots Print Pima Cotton Jacket (for 3-7 lbs.)

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Sometimes you'll want to take your preemie out and about. When you do...

Preemies born into colder climes or seasons need extra protection. Consider one of these cardigan sweaters or jackets — they're warm, beautiful, and will keep baby cozy during travel.


Two Feet Ahead  Terry Socks #TFA101BL1

Two Feet Ahead Blue Bow Terry Socks (for 4-12 lbs.)

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Shoo Zees  Patent Leather Shoes #SHZ101RED1

Shoo Zees Red Patent Leather Shoes (for 3-7 lbs.)

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Preemie toes are sooooo kissible but they are susceptible to getting cold!

Booties, socks, tights, leg warmers all contribute to the important task of keeping your baby's legs and feet warm. These are particularly helpful if you're partial to sleeping gowns, dresses, or shorts. They're also important if you are dressing him or her up for a special religious occasion such as a baptism, dedication, or christening.


Paty Inc  Pointelle Knit Cap #PAT111PK1

Paty Inc Pink Stripe Pointelle Knit Cap (for 3-7 lbs.)

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bbmio  Smocked Pima Hat #BBM104BL1
100% pima cotton

Bbmio Smocked Pima Hat (for 3-7 lbs)

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Over 50 hat, cap and bonnet designed especially for preemie babies...

Hats for a baby are more than an accessory. Covering your babies head helps to keep her warm. More body heat escapes from the head — in babies and adults — than from any other part of the body. Choose from a nice variety of hats and caps specifically designed for that tiny little head.

Scratch Mitts

Preemie Yums  Scratch Mitts #PYM120WH1

Preemie Yums White Scratch Mitts (for 4-6 lbs.)

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Preemie Yums  Scratch Mitts #PYM120WH1

Preemie Yums White Scratch Mitts (for 4-6 lbs.)

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It's hard to image that something as tiny as a preemie's hand can do damage!

Tiny fingernails can be sharp and are able to scratch baby's delicate face. Scratch mitts to the rescue. Not only do they keep flailing fingers from doing damage, they also provide some comfort and warmth for your baby.

TIP: Order a couple of sets since mitts, like socks, tend to loose their mates!

Baby Comfort

Respironics  Soothie Pacifier #RSP10221

Respironics Unscented Soothie Pacifier (for 6-9 lbs.)

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WubbaNub  Pacifier #WBN101ELE21

Wubbanub Elephant Pacifier (for 6-22 lbs)

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Mastering a new and intimidating world just got tons easier!

Mothers have been "pacifying" their babies for centuries with objects that look somewhat like today's models, but they weren't nearly as soft, cuddly, and effective at calming a frustrated little one. You'll find a couple of regular pacifiers that are specifically designed for preemies as well as a nice selection of Wubbanubs. Wubbanubs have a small plush animal attached to the pacifier and we know from experience that these clever comforters often become "best buds" well into the toddler years.

Also as a matter of comfort, preemie skin is much more sensitive than an adult's. Therefore it is recommended that you use organic shampoos, conditioners, and lotions specifically made for babies. Consider our line of Nature's Baby products for this purpose.


Julius Berger  Blanket #JSB10121

Julius Berger White Diamond Blanket (for 0-12 Months)

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bbmio  Pima Cotton Blanket #BBM14021
100% pima cotton

Bbmio Pink Rose Pima Cotton Blanket (for 0-12 Months)

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A stack of baby blankets can be a welcome site — especially when...

You want to find an attractive wrap to coordinate with what your preemie's already wearing or it's bath time. Receiving blankets were used as early as 1926 by doctors and midwives to "catch" the baby as she was born. Now this term applies to any lightweight blanket used to wrap the baby after a bath or even over clothes to add a layer of warmth when the ambient temperature is a little cool.

If you're planning a christening, baptism, or baby dedication, you are probably looking for a special occasion blanket. We feature a few of those as well.